RTS pole with cover half removed

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Pole shaft shall be weldable-grade, cold-rolled, commercial quality carbon steel tubing conforming to ASTM A500 Grade B. Options include 11 gauge and 7 gauge. All Welds shall conform to AWS D1.1 using ER70S-6 electrodes.

Base Style

4-Bolt Steel Base Plate of fabricated hot rolled carbon steel conforming to ASTM A36 or equivalent (36 ksi minimum yield) with 2-piece Base Cover and Attaching Hardware. Base Cover will be fabricated from ABS plastic or metal materials.

RSS pole base with half cover removed

Base Cover

Square Metal powder coated base covers are standard in all 11 Gauge RSS poles that are specified in colors other than BA-Black, BM-Dark Bronze, and BH-White AND in all 7 Gauge poles in ALL COLORS. Custom specification of RSS Square Metal style base covers in BA, BM and BH powder coated finishes is available.

Two images of RSS square bolt cover on and off


Up To 5.9” Butt Diameters:
Reinforced, 3” x 5” Handhole with Cover, Stainless Steel Screw and Back Bar. A Grounding Provision incorporating a tapped 1/2”-13NC hole will be welded to the handhole frame.

RSS Handhole

6”+ Butt Diameters:
Reinforced, 4” x 6-1/2″ Handhole with Cover, Stainless Steel Screw and Back Bar. A Grounding Provision incorporating a tapped 1/2”-13NC hole will be welded to the handhole frame.

Oval Handhole on Round Pole


Anchorage Kit will include four (4) L-shaped Steel Anchor Bolts conforming to AASHTO M314-90 Grade 55. Ten inches (10″) of threaded end will be galvanized per ASTM A153. Kits will contain eight (8) Hex Nuts, four (4) Lock Washers, and eight (8) Flat Washers (all components Galvanized Steel). A bolt circle template will be provided.

Base and Anchorage Details
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RSS Anchorage cut away

Vibration Damper

If determined necessary by Hapco, a top-mount, field installed First Mode Vibration Damper will be provided. Customer specification of the damper is available.

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Powder Coat Finish

Coating material will be a thermosetting polyester AAMA 2604 Super Durable powder electrostatically applied, oven cured and bonded in a closed loop, automated system. Minimum thickness of finish will be two (2) mils. Hapco’s Powder Coat Finish Warranty on steel poles is one (1) year.

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When specifying Pole Accessories, it is important to provide Hapco the correct design orientation. This diagram provides the degree specification and corresponding letter on the pole relative to the pole handhole, and should be used for Drill Mount Options, Electrical Boxes, and Accessories such as Extra Hand Holes and Threaded Couplings.

RSS 4-bolt base orientation guide
RSS Drilled Pole top with pole cap

Side Drill Mount

For Side Drill Mount applications specify luminaire type, quantity and orientation. A luminaire drilling template must be supplied at time of order.

RSS tenon top

Tenon Mount – Welded

For Tenon Mount applications specify both Tenon diameter (2.375″, 2.875″, 3.5″, 4″, etc.) and length (3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, etc.).

Drill Mount Options

Round drill mounting options

Electrical Box options include Box Only and Boxes with Duplex GFI (WR) Receptacles and Covers. Electrical Boxes are specified with a two-digit notation indicating Height and Orientation (Ex. FA = 30” Up, Side D). Duplex GFI (WR) receptacles with either a Standard Cover (GF1) or In-Use Cover (GF2) can be specified.

Round Steel festoon
Round Steel Festoon GF1 opened


Round Steel Festoon GF1 closed


Round Steel Festoon GF2 opened


Round Steel Festoon GF2 closed


Couplings in ½” (C12), ¾” (C34) and 1” (C10) sizes may be specified. Specify height and orientation with order.

Extra Handhole
Standard handholes are provided centered at 1’-6” up from the base of the poles. Extra Handholes may be specified. Specify height and orientation with order.

Extra Round hand hole

Vibration Dampers
Vibration Dampers can be customer specified. 

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Diagram of Second Mode damper on a pole

First Mode
U.S. Patent No. 7871186

Miscellaneous Options
Special options can be customer specified.
LAB – Less Anchor Bolts
LPC – Less Pole Cap
PAB – Pre-shipped Anchor Bolts

Create Custom Specification Drawings

Step-by-step guide generates Steel Pole Specification drawings to match your project requirements.

Download Standard Specification Sheets

Pole HeightProduct No.Butt DiaWall