Hapco is proud to have been an industry pioneer in Breakaway Safety, with our 70+ years of R & D leading to many industry-first patents in this category. This Engineering knowledge allows us to  offer the industry’s largest collection of FHWA Accepted Breakaway Decorative Options.

breakaway testing sequence 1
breakaway testing sequence 2
breakaway testing sequence 3
line-up of FHWA accepted breakaway bases

NOTE: Not all Butt Diameter/Height/Anchor Bolt configurations will meet Breakaway standards. Contact Hapco for more information on FHWA Accepted Options within each Base Family. 

FHWA Accepted Direct Buried Breakaway

series of FHWA breakaway testing of a direct buried pole

Through an extensive process of expert design, modeling, and testing, Hapco engineers have created a breakaway design that brings the cost efficient  properties of direct buried poles to our FHWA accepted Decorative Breakaway product line.

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