Hapco offers a variety of Banner Arms in both standard and breakaway designs for use in both single and double sided applications. We have the Engineering expertise to design the safest and most efficient pole/banner arm combinations to match your project requirements.


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Catalog Numbers:
BA27001, BA27002, BA27101, BA27101, BA27201, BA27202, BA27301, BA27302, BA27401, BA27402, BA27601, BA27602


Adjustable Banner Arms


BannerSaver™ banner arms are designed with spring-loaded technology that reduces stress on both banners and poles. Wind tunnel tested to reduce 87% of windload, the use of BannerSaver™ arms allow more cost efficient pole designs while increasing the life of the banner.

Hapco banner saver arm on a pole

Banner Saver Arms
BA27601 – Single*
BA27602 – Double*
*Rivnut attachment option available.

Hapco BannerSaver arm diagram

Cast Band Mount

Cast Band Mount banner arms provide aesthetically-pleasing banner arm attachments that are adjustable for banner size and placement and are easily removable when not in use.


Cast Band Mount Banner Arms
BA27301 – Single
BA27302 – Double

Cast Band Mount Banner Arms
Standard Top, Eye Hook Bottom
BA27401 – Single
BA27402 – Double

diagram of cast band mount for banners

Fixed Banner Arms

fixed banner arm diagram 1

BA27001 – Single
BA27002 – Double
Banner Arms

fixed banner arm diagram 2

BA27101 – Single
BA27102 – Double
Banner Arms
Standard Top
Eye Hook Bottom

fixed banner arm diagram 3

BA27201 – Single
BA27202 – Double
Banner Arms
Standard Top
Breakaway Bottom