Hapco entered aluminum pole products manufacturing with a simple philosophy. “To provide our customers superior street and area lighting products through the investment and implementation of the most advanced machinery and manufacturing processes of the day.” This philosophy led to several firsts in the market, including one-piece aluminum poles in lengths to 40’ and the use of automatic ovens for accurate regulation of the heat treat cycle.

After over six decades, our manufacturing expertise continues to produce products of the highest quality. Subsequently, Hapco has earned a respected reputation for excellence. Today, Hapco is one of the most recognized…and specified…names in the light pole industry.

Hapco’s Quality certifications provide our customers the confidence that our products are of the highest quality – measured by the highest standards in the industry.

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Best In Class

Today, this “Best-in-Class Manufacturing” mentality continues. Hapco’s 325,000 square foot facility incorporates the most advanced, state-of-the-art aluminum manufacturing technologies. Decades of experience are combined with automated on-site powder paint facilities, on-site fluting, dedicated custom lines and a full embracement of the principles of Lean Manufacturing.