Solar Today. Brighter Tomorrow.

Years of development and innovation have led to the most advanced solar lighting pole in the market.

  • Light-years ahead in solar technology, Hapco’s Solar Lighting Pole is completely off-grid and works autonomously, using sustainable solar power.

  • Solar energy generated during the day is stored in high-quality lithium batteries, providing the energy to run LED-luminaires and other solar lighting pole attachments requiring power.

  • Constructed like a Conventional Solar Panel, the cells are directly laminated onto the scratch-resistant glass exterior, ensuring that no dirt or moisture can accumulate between the cells and their casings.

  • Unique, patented, cylindrical solar modules are the most efficient in the market.


  • No Trenching or Cabling
  • No Electricity Bill
  • Fast Installation
  • Low Maintenance Costs
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Circular Panels Deliver Superior Efficiency
Cell Efficiency of >23% is more than 40% higher than many competitor’s products.

Modular Solar Panels Allow Designs Incorporating 1-3 Solar Units
Offering the perfect pole specification to match your project requirements.

4G/LTE Wireless Connectivity
Remote monitoring allows for automatic updates and troubleshooting of each pole.

Smart Technology Provides Sustained Lighting
Network connectivity and SMART product design allows the pole to automatically adjust power output based on weather conditions and forecasts.


Hollow Solar Wrap
The solar modules (panels) are cylindrical and hollow, allowing them to slide over the top of a pole. This gives a pleasing aesthetic while also allowing 360-degree coverage for power generation.

Self-Contained Control and Power
The battery and controls of the unit are all encased in a single unit. This unit is installed inside the pole, behind the handhole cover.

Autonomous System
The control unit is outfitted with network connectivity and a GPS transponder. This allows each individual solar lighting pole to get an exact Lat/Long position fix which provides the system with live dusk/dawn times; this allows the system to automatically know when to turn the luminaire on and off. The network connectivity also allows the system to be monitored in real-time. Real-time monitoring includes system charge status, battery voltage, system temperature, and light activity. Having real-time monitoring allows any potential issues to be viewed and identified remotely as they happen.

Sustained Lighting
With the GPS fix and network connectivity, the system keeps a log of power input and power output along with weather trends. This allows the system to predict how much power will be coming in with upcoming weather forecasts. With this information, the system will adjust the power output so that the luminaire will always be operable and will not experience down-time due to inclement weather.

Hybrid Charging Option
Hybrid Charging is a state-of-the-art option available with the Hapco Solar Lighting Pole.  The system still operates fully under solar power, but the grid connection guarantees the battery will be filled up to 100% every night, serving as a resilient backup to ensure complete battery charging.  The result is the peace of mind of consistent power and a redundant option for those days when the sun doesn’t fully complete the charging task.

Easy, Plug-and-Play Installation
All of the cables needed to connect the system together are labeled and come with quick connects. Each quick connect cable has an indicator on the connector. Installation is as simple as taking two cables with matching labels, lining up the indicators, and making the connection. Complete installation can be completed in less than an hour in most applications.


In addition to luminaires, Hapco Solar Lighting Poles can be designed to power accessories such as cameras, sensors, wi-fi hotspots and safety help buttons utilized by today’s Smart Cities.



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