Fluted shafts choices include four Tapered shaft designs…4-Flute, 8-Flute  Octaflute), 12-Flute and 16-Flute…as well as a 12-Flute Straight shaft option. Providing a unique look and style, our fluted shaft profiles can be combined with over five dozen standard Decorative Base profiles that are sure to create the perfect choice for your next Streetscape project.

arlen 17 flute profiles with details


In-house fluting operations allow Hapco to control
the exacting detail found in each individual flute in
our Tapered Fluted aluminum poles. Our experience
and commitment to Quality Assurance Systems ensure the highest-quality flutes, delivering shafts that sharp, free of twists, and ready to enhance the look of your next light pole project.

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fluted aluminum poles

Now Available

3” Fluted Aluminum Shaft

Hapco leads the industry in providing options to Architects and Specifiers looking to create stunning Decorative Streetscape Designs. The addition of our new 3” Diameter, 12-Flute Aluminum Shaft expands those options.

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3 inch diameter fluted shaft