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Hapco has been providing the highest quality Aluminum Decorative Poles to Design Professionals and Landscape Architects for over six decades. From designs that blend with today’s modern architectural styles, to historical designs that harken back to an earlier era, Hapco’s extensive Decorative Base offering delivers industry-leading design options.

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Structural Aluminum Bases are welded to the bottom of the smooth or fluted shaft, contributing structural integrity to the pole.


Clamshell Aluminum Bases are 2-Piece designs that are assembled and bolted around the base of the installed pole.

Hybrid Clamshell

Hybrid Clamshell Aluminum Bases provide unique style options by combining a 2-Piece base with other decorative design features.

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Extensive Decorative Options

Hapco’s Offering of Fluted Aluminum Lighting Pole Shafts Provide Design Professionals and Landscape Architects Industry-Leading Decorative Aluminum Lightpole Options.

Now Available - 3" Fluted Aluminum Shaft

Now Available – 3″ SF-12 Straight Fluted Aluminum Shaft

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Fluted shafts choices include four Tapered shaft designs…4-Flute, 8-Flute (Octaflute), 12-Flute and 16-Flute…as well as a 12-Flute Straight shaft option. Providing a unique look and style, our fluted shaft profiles can be combined with over five dozen standard Decorative Base profiles that are sure to create the perfect choice for your next Streetscape project.

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In-house fluting operations allow Hapco to control the exacting detail found in each individual flute in our Tapered Fluted aluminum poles. Our experience and commitment to Quality Assurance Systems ensure the highest-quality flutes, delivering shafts that sharp, free of twists, and ready to enhance the look of your next light pole project.

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Hapco offers a variety of Pole Accessory options for Decorative Poles. From Finials and Plant Hangers, to Sign Brackets, Receptacle Outlets and Banner Arms, we design and fabricate total Decorative Pole Solutions.
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From classic to contemporary to decorative, Hapco has over 60 years’ experience in designing and fabricating aluminum arms for projects containing diverse architectural styles.

Whether you are looking to create an integrated design that blends into existing streetscapes, or a unique design created for a custom project, Hapco has the unparalleled experience and resources to fabricate quality ARM SOLUTIONS.

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The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) defines “Breakaway” as crash-tested devices that break or yield upon impact. Breakaway devices must meet rigorous impact testing, with accepted products mitigating the potential severity of crashes while providing a safer outcome in the event of a collision.

All Bases shown contain FHWA Accepted Breakaway Options.

NOTE: Not all Butt Diameter/Height/Anchor Bolt configurations will meet Breakaway standards. Contact Hapco for more information on FHWA Accepted Options within each Base Family.

Hapco leads the industry in FHWA Accepted Decorative Breakaway options.

NOTE: Not all Butt Diameter/Height/Anchor Bolt configurations will meet Breakaway standards. Contact Hapco for more information on FHWA approved options within each Base Family.

Creating new and distinctive modern styles or bringing century-old, historically-relevant decorative streetscapes back to life, no one can duplicate Hapco’s ability to deliver design professionals custom or unique designs.

Hapco’s state-of-the-art R&D and Manufacturing Technologies allow us to replicate and craft custom castings to match any architectural style. Simply provide the Hapco Team with your project details to see how we deliver Custom Decorative Solutions.

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