direct buried breakaway series

US PATENT #8,251,084 B2

industry’s first FHWA Accepted Direct Buried Breakaway Aluminum Pole

Through an extensive process of expert design, modeling, and testing, Hapco engineers have created a breakaway design that brings the cost efficient properties of direct buried poles to our FHWA accepted Breakaway product line.

Improve Aesthetics. Save Time. Reduce Costs.

  • No Concrete Foundations 

  • No Anchor Bolts

  • No Additional Castings

  • No Bolt Covers or Shrouds

  • Quicker Installations


Dedicated R&D

direct buried breakaway test

Hapco has a proud history of dedicated involvement in the research that shaped the industry. Our commitment to R & D can be observed in both our extensive in-house labs and testing facilities and collaboration with accredited university testing labs.

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Proven Performance

Aluminum poles used in direct buried applications throughout the country have a 60 year record of successful installations and can provide significant overall job savings.


Lifetime Warranty Includes Corrosion

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HAPCO Leads the Industry In Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Accepted Breakaway Options

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) definition of “Breakaway” refers to crash-tested devices that break or yield upon impact. FHWA guidelines require the specification of Breakaway poles and bases meeting rigorous impact testing to mitigate the potential severity of crashes, providing a safer outcome in the event of a collision.