4-Bolt Breakaway Anchor Base

Hapco’s Anchor Base was the first pole anchoring shoe base allowing standard installation techniques to meet FHWA Breakaway provisions. Its simplicity of design eases the installation process, combining the most cost efficient Breakaway device in the industry with the aesthetic appeal of a standard shoe base.

Breakaway T-Base

Hapco offers Transformer Base (T-Base) designs to accommodate a wide range of pole sizes and bolt circle requirements. The historic appearance of the T-Base design offers a higher probability of re-use of the pole in the event of a knockdown.


The X-Base, a Hapco exclusive, is welded to the bottom of the base as part of the pole assembly. It is supplied assembled and serves as the base flange, bolting directly to the anchor bolts. The X-Base extends the range of sizes for FHWA accepted Breakaway poles to a 10” Butt Diameter and 55’ Mounting Heights.

Breakaway Couplings

Breakaway couplings are available for use in a wide range of pole sizes.

Lifetime Warranty

Aluminum pole assemblies incorporating FHWA Accepted Breakaway Devices are covered under Hapco’s exclusive Lifetime Warranty.

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