Aluminum Advantage

The superior properties of aluminum make it both the perfect choice and best value for outdoor lighting poles and accessories.
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RAL swatch


Finish options include Satin Aluminum, Thermoset Powder Coat in Standard, RAL and Custom Colors, and Anodized Finishes.
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Wind Speed Map

Wind Speed

The 2009 AASHTO LTS-5 Wind Speed Map should be used to determine wind velocity for your specific project location.
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custom curve pole

Custom Capabilities

No one can duplicate Hapco’s ability to deliver solutions to design professionals looking for a custom or unique design.
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LED Light Pole

Aluminum Light Poles
and LED’s

Hapco Aluminum Poles combined with LED Lighting provide the perfect specification for lower overall cost of ownership.
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direct buried hole mach

Direct Buried Aluminum Poles

Direct Buried designs improve aesthetics and provide significant overall job savings due to faster, more efficient installations.
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streetscape beautification


Hapco’s extensive offering allows urban designers to provide coordinated project designs for streetscape beautification.
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Sustainable Aluminum


Hapco Aluminum provides an environmentally responsible choice of material and approach within the burgeoning green movement.
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hapco research and design

Design and

Design considerations including Design Efficiency, Methods of Analysis Due to Wind Forces, and Shielding Factor.
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