Graffiti continues to be a significant issue facing cities and towns, with the unsightly addition to beautiful streetscapes adding a costly burden to maintenance budgets. Hapco provides anti-graffiti coating that provide for easy cleanup should graffiti be placed on street light poles.

  • Formulated to allow graffiti to be easily removed using readily available solvents
  • Excellent stain resistance and extremely durable
  • Available in a wide range of colors and textures

Hapco Delivers Anti-Graffiti Coatings

The Project: Downtown “Main Street” Revitalization Project Location: Kansas City, MO

Kansas City’s nationally acclaimed downtown revitalization specified a satin finish aluminum pole with a Decorative Base containing specific powder coating specifications.

  • Custom Base Designs incorporating the Distrist Logo in Two Unique Sizes
  • Distinctive, 4-Color Coating Process
Kansas City Hapco pole with anti-graffiti paint
Kansas City Hapco pole with anti-graffiti paint

Hapco is proud of our industry-leading powder coating capabilities and its contribution to revitalizing Kansas City’s historic Main Street. The Anti-Graffiti coatings insure the residents of the Kansas City the superior aesthetics provided by graffiti-free street light poles while reducing the costly maintenance associated with repeated repainting.