“By adopting the latest methods of…fabrication combined with expert engineering knowledge of the many alloys of aluminum and their properties, Hapco Products are maintained at the highest level of quality.”

Hapco Product Catalog Number 60, 1955

As a manufacturer forging the way in aluminum pole production for over 60 years, Hapco is at its core a company with a passion for excellence in innovation and product quality. The formula for this success hasn’t changed since 1955, as the statement above is as true about Hapco today as it was then. “Engineering Knowledge” has been instrumental in carrying Hapco from an industry pioneer to today’s recognized leader in the aluminum pole industry.

Better By Design

Our advanced technical skill and in-depth aluminum metallurgical knowledge is unequaled, earning Hapco a respected reputation for both our design capabilities and product quality. Our hundreds of combined years of engineering experience are focused on Hapco’s “Better By Design” pledge, and the results of our commitment to excellence can be seen in our exclusive Lifetime Warranty.