Hapco Bolt Circle Adapter

A great option for mismatched bolt circle foundations.

Hapco Bolt Circle Adapter provides customers with existing anchorage an economical solution while maintaining the aesthetics of the pole.

In addition to being versatile, the Bolt Circle Adapter eliminates both the cost of removing existing foundations and the cost of new anchor bolts and new foundation installation. Bolt Circle Adapter can be used on many Standard Hapco Bases.

The Aluminum Adapter base can be finished in any of our AAMA 2604 powders and can be used with Steel or Aluminum.

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Bolt Circle Adapter

Bolt Circle Adapter Specifications

Note: The Bolt Circle Adapter can be installed either side down, further expanding the usable range of this versatile adapter.

Option 1:
10.5″ – 14.5″ existing bolt circle to 7.5″ – 12″ new bolt circle

Option 2:
7.5″ – 12″ existing bolt circle to 10.5″ – 14.5″ new bolt circle

Hapco’s team of Engineers stand ready with the technical competence and experience to assist on your project.
Please contact Hapco for base compatibility and loading/design assistance.

Bolt Circle Adapter with Arlen 17" Decorative Base
Bolt Circle Adapter Shown above with Arlen 17″ Decorative Base

Bolt Circle Adapter Example