Hapco Multi-Chamber Aluminum Poles

A Smart Pole Solution For Today’s Smart City

Hapco’s multi-chamber aluminum poles are the perfect Signal Isolation Solution for the growing complexity of communications and control systems. Poles used in today’s Smart Cities function as more than a support for the lighting fixture. Multi-use attachment requirements continue to grow, with options including security, sensors, cameras and 5G broadband with its associated antennas, radios, wireless relays, meters, and power disconnects.

Hapco’s Multi-Chamber Poles provide SOLUTIONS that…

• Eliminate the possibility of signal interference resulting from the use of multiple power sources.

• Separate access to each chamber, delivering assurances to each individual provider that their equipment is secure.

• Provide Adaptability for future expansion.

• Deliver the Proven Performance from Hapco’s 70-year history of Pioneering R&D, Expert Engineering, and World-Class Manufacturing.

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• Dual and Tri-Chamber Designs

• 6″ Straight, 10″ Straight, and Patent Pending 10″ to 6″ Transitions

• Pole Heights to 40′

• Standard, Oversized and Locking Handhole Options Available

• Corrosion Resistance, Proven Performance and Lower Overall Cost of Ownership of Hapco Aluminum Poles

LIFETIME Pole Shaft Warranty