Street Lighting Poles - The Hapco Aluminum Advantage

The Advantages of An Aluminum Pole Specification Are Significant.

The corrosion-resistant properties of aluminum, near-zero maintenance, and Hapco’s Lifetime Aluminum Pole Warranty deliver Superior Aesthetics and Lower Overall Cost-of-Ownership.

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Recent volatility in the Steel markets have seen significant raw material price increases. These increases have created higher Steel pole costs, further closing the initial price difference between Steel and Aluminum Poles. Future uncertainty for Steel, combined with the always present advantages of Aluminum, make the choice clear…

It Has Never Been A Better Time To Specify Aluminum Poles On Your Next Project!

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Top 6 Reasons Hapco Aluminum Poles are

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1. Corrosion-Resistant

• Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion. Hapco uses the highest quality corrosion-resistant 6063 and 6005 Aluminum Alloys.

• Oxidation of Steel leads to poor aesthetics, higher maintenance costs, and shorter life cycles.

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2. Save With Direct Buried

• Hapco uses the highest quality corrosion resistant 6063 and 6005 Aluminum Alloys. Steel is not corrosion resistant.

Aluminum vs Steel Foundation Costs

Ease of aluminum pole installation

3. Lightweight Aluminum Reduces Handling & Installation Costs

• Steel poles weigh as much as three times that of aluminum, resulting in longer, more difficult installations requiring larger crews and lifting equipment.

• The heavy weight of steel poles result in increased costs of handling, transportation, and installation.

• Aluminum truckloads are shipped bundled, allowing for less than one hour unloads. Steel truckloads are typically loaded individually, resulting in hours-long unload times.

4. Aluminum Poles are The “GREEN” Choice

• Hapco Aluminum provides an environmentally responsible choice of material and approach to specifiers aggressively pursuing a design based upon sustainable principles.

• Galvanization of Steel poles is harsh to the environment, emitting both zinc chloride and ammonium chloride into the atmosphere. SPECIFYING ALUMINUM LESSENS OUR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT.

5. Lifetime Warranty on All Hapco Aluminum Poles

“Hapco warrants it’s aluminum pole assemblies for their lifetime…”

• Hapco has been manufacturing the highest-quality aluminum poles since 1951, and backs each of our aluminum pole assemblies with a Lifetime Warranty.

• Inherently shorter lifecycles of steel poles lead to eventual pole replacement schedules that contribute to an overall higher cost of ownership. 

6. Standard 5-Year Finish Warranty On Powder Coated Aluminum Poles

• Hapco’s Powder Coating operations utilize state-of-the-art processes utilizing weather-resistant triglycidyl isocyanurate (TGIC) polyester powders that are electrostatically applied, oven cured and bonded.

• Advanced, AAMA 2604 Powders provide Superior Gloss, Color Retention, and Weathering Capabilities, with higher UV and Scratch Resistance.

• Hapco’s use of AAMA 2604 Powders Reduces Overall Cost of Ownership By Providing Longer Lasting Aesthetics.

• Hapco Powder Coated poles carry a full 5-Year STANDARD Warranty. By comparison Steel Pole standard warranties 1 year.


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Hapco is proud of our 70+ year history of Engineering Excellence. Our Engineers have the experience and knowledge to efficiently design poles to performance specifications.

Contact Hapco to see how we can assist with adding the advantages of an Aluminum Pole Specification to your next project!