Traffic Series

Hapco was an early pioneer in Traffic Signal Pole and Arm Design. In cooperation with a traffic signal manufacturer, we initiated the first wind tunnel tests on elliptical arm shapes to insure more efficient designs and have conducted decades of testing in our on-site R&D labs.

Full Scale Test Area –
Hapco Campus –
Circa 1975

Hapco offers a variety of Aluminum Bracket option for use with Wood, Metal and Concrete poles. Expertly engineered to Hapco’s exacting specifications, our brackets are manufactured using the highest quality Aluminum Alloy 6063-T6, guaranteeing our customers the longest lasting, safest and most aesthetic brackets in the industry. 

Customized designs of luminaire brackets are also available. Our Engineering and Manufacturing expertise can provide you with prompt, competitive service on custom luminaire bracket designs for projects with special requirements. For more information, consult your local sales representative or contact Hapco customer service.

Traffic Singal Arm Styles – Praying Mantis, Truss, Inverted Truss, Trombone, Sign Trombone

Hapco Traffic Signal Poles and Arms are designed to meet your specific job requirements. Design specifications are determined as a result of the arm length, size and type of signal specified for the project along with the potential wind gust velocities in you geographic location. The experience possessed by Hapco allows us to design a pole and traffic control arm that is exact for your needs. Our Traffic Series products provide our customers all of the advantages of aluminum coupled with the safety and peace of mind afforded by a Hapco design.
Hapco’s standard Traffic Pedestal Poles are presented here. Custom Pedestal designs for projects with special requirements are available. For more information, consult your local sales representative or contact Hapco customer service.

Style 121 – 4-Bolt Base – RTA121-001, RTA121-002, RTA121-003, RTA121-004
Style 122 – Decorative Base – RTA122-001, RTA122-002, RTA122-003, RTA122-004