About Hapco

Hapco has a long history dating to 1843 when its parent corporation, Hubbard and Company, originated as a national manufacturer of forgings and stampings to the utility industry. A major contributor to the emerging telephone and power industries of the late 19th century, their commitment to “offering products of the highest quality at ever-increasing service levels” established Hubbard as the leading company in these growing fields.

In 1951, Hubbard established a new division, the Hubbard Aluminum Products Company (HAPCO), and offered its first line of aluminum lighting poles and brackets in August of that same year. The superior properties of aluminum poles were immediately embraced by the market, with Hapco seeing significant growth during these early years.

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Hapco Aluminum Pole Manufacturing Plant

Hapco was acquired by our current owner Dyson-Kissner-Moran (DKM) in 1958, and the original Pittsburg, Pennsylvania facility was moved to our present-day location in Abingdon, Virginia in 1962. Today, after over 50 years and multiple plant expansions, our skilled workforce continues to vigorously pursue our founder’s original commitment of “the highest quality” products in the pole products industry.